Domains ending in .men, .work and .click area unit a number of the riskiest and spam-generating domains on the web per specialist UN agency keeps track of such shady domains.

You might be obtaining spam from .com, .net and .biz domains however compared to higher than the spamming is comparatively lesser compared to their size (i.e. overall range of domains) this newer TLDs area unit much more dangerous to go to than most on-line TLDs.

There are several sources for measuring domain name on-line, however, one in every of the most recent is that the ten Most Abused prime Level Domains list, pass presently at the #1 spot on the list (the worst) is .men: Spamhaus says of the sixty-five,570 domains it’s seen registered within the .men TLD, quite [*fr1] (55 percent) were “bad.”

Every year Symantec lists the “shadiest” TLDs within the hope of fixing surfriding behavior on the web. Sometimes, it works and a TLD written account can reach a dead set and raise a way to separate some of these TLDs. More often, though, the abuse continues as web scammers and hackers are a unit so much ahead during this game. however, a minimum of us outside of our client base currently has some extra warning regarding the risks they face whereas reaching these risky domains TLDs.

Spamhaus says TLD registries that permit registrars to sell high volumes of domains to skilled spammers and malware operators in essence aid and assist the plague of abuse on the web.

“Some registrars and resellers wittingly sell high volumes of domains to those actors for profit, and plenty of registries don’t do enough to prevent or limit this endless provider of domains,” Spamhaus’ World’s Most Abused TLDs page explains.

Security firm Symantec in March twenty18 revealed its own prime 20 list of Shady TLDs:

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