Gh0st RAT may be a celebrated example of a distant Access Trojan employed by attackers to govern infected endpoints, initially attributed to threat actor companies in China. Gh0st RAT and its variations area unit still a number of the utmost wide used RAT gear living attributable to their effectiveness.

Once mounted, It allows AN assaulter to require full management of the infected terminus, log keystrokes, give keep the digital camera and electro-acoustic transducer feed, download and add documents, and alternative powerful options. Another feature of Gh0St RAT is the capability to change the client-server communication the employment of a proprietary community protocol. this can be bound up with various intuitive graphical person interfaces to create malicious distant manipulate straightforwardly.

Gh0st RAT capabilities

Below may be a list of Gh0st RAT capabilities. It can:

  • Take full manipulate of the remote monitor on the infected larva.
  • Provide period in addition to offline keystroke work.
  • Provide live feed of digital camera, the electro-acoustic transducer of the inflamed host.
  • Download distant binaries at the infected remote host.
  • Take manipulate of remote closure and revive of the host.
  • Disable inflamed computer distant pointer and keyboard input.
  • Enter into the shell of the distant inflamed host with full management.
  • Provide a listing of all of the energetic processes.
  • Clear all gift SSDT of all current hooks.

What area unit its targets?

It largely targets authorities agencies, embassies, overseas ministries, and alternative government and military workplaces throughout Southern and Southeastern Asian countries, with a specific cognizance on the exiled Tibetan authorities and also the Grand Lama.

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Gh0st RAT assigned via a spear-phishing promoting campaign

In June 2013, It becomes distributed via a spear-phishing promoting campaign purporting to come from the Taiwan Bureau of National insurance. The phishing emails protected a malicious link, that upon clicking redirected customers to a phishing page, wherever AN official-looking RAR archive report receives downloaded. This malicious report mounted and finished the Gh0st RAT.

EternalBlue exploit distribute Ghost RAT

In June 2017, aggressors utilized the EternalBlue abuse in Microsoft Server Message Block (SMB) convention to disperse the Gh0st RAT. The example discovered during this assault got marked with an ordinary virtual testament implying to be from the Peiping Institute of Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

Deserve malware connected with Gh0st RAT

Tick risk group’s Daserf malware has been discovered sharing its infrastructure with the backdoors interloper and Minzen, the trojans Gh0st RAT and 9002 RAT, and also the download HomamDownloader. what is more, Daserf has additionally shared cipher code with Gh0st RAT.

Vulnerabilities settled in Gh0st RAT

Security researchers detected vulnerabilities in Gh0st RAT that would enable sufferers to extract documents from the attacker’s server. It while transferring documents from the victim’s server to the attacker’s server, will not validate whether or not the assaulter requested the report within the primary place. this might allow victims to deliberately add their report back to the attacker’s infrastructure, and install a backdoor on the attacker’s server.

Operation PZChao

In February 2018, AN attack promoting campaign dubbed ‘Operation PZChao’s targeted authorities agencies, additionally to technology, education, and telecommunications sectors in Asia and also u. s. The attack promoting campaign born a Bitcoin laborer, 2 variations of Mimikatz, and a changed version of Gh0st RAT. The promoting campaign’s end payload was the Gh0st RAT.


Updated version

In 2019, researchers discovered AN updated version of it, that is ready to download further malware, improvement occasion logs, document management, shell command execution, and offline keylogging. This variation has additionally modified its header from ‘Gh0st’ to ‘nbLGX’.