Every app set up for your phone with permission to get right of entry to location service “can” continually accumulate your real-time place secretly, even inside the heritage while you do now not use them.

Do you know? — putting in the Facebook app on your robot and iOS smartphones mechanically deliver the social media commerce your rightful consent to gather the history of your precise place.

When speaking approximately iOS, Apple offers its users more manipulate over such conditions at a device degree where users don’t want to completely stop an app from the use of location, permitting them to select if an app can also get admission to the area data inside the background or no longer.

However, people using Facebook on Android have an all-or-nothing alternative while it comes to vicinity sharing, this means that either they have to supply Facebook full access to their location records or completely save you the social network from seeing your area at all, without any alternative for getting access to your area statistics only whilst the app is open.

How to Stop Facebook From pursuit You once Not in Use

Open the Facebook app for your Android phone

Go to the Settings menu at the top proper corner (seems like this ☰)

Tap on Settings & Privacy

Choose Privacy Shortcuts

Select Manage your region settings

Now, toggle “Background Location” to OFF

iOS customers want now not to worry approximately such features, as Apple already offers iPhone users a choice to block an app from the usage of their region within the history while the app isn’t open.

If you are an iPhone person and have now not already stop Facebook—or every other app—from tracking your place within the historical past, you could follow these simple steps:

Go to Settings

Select Privacy

Choose “Location Services”

If you need to completely forestall all apps from tracking you, turn Location Services off. If you want to restrict this setting relying on every app, tap every app and select “Never” or “While Using.

Make positive apps that don’t require your vicinities, like most games, photo sharing apps, and editors, are set to “Never.”

Meanwhile, Facebook is also sending out signals to both Android and iOS users, asking them to check their vicinity settings.

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