Covington specialists on problems as varied as to offer chain and alternative industrial contracts, employment, and insurance square measure supporting corporations on the industrial implications of Coronavirus COVID-19. however, this weblog post provides a quick summary of a number of the key problems that privacy and cybersecurity professionals ought to have prime of mind in managing response efforts. we have a tendency to describe below each privacy implications of revealing information to government authorities and industrial partners and techniques to manage COVID-19 risk by grouping further data concerning workers and guests, also because of the cybersecurity implications of those happening hindrance and management efforts.

Health information on the Work Floor

Even in times of crisis (perhaps notably in times of crisis), the law still applies. this is often the case for labour laws, for medical legislation, and additionally for privacy and information protection laws. Safeguards cannot simply be thrown out of the window. That said, in several jurisdictions, the law permits organizations to method further information to help public health efforts by keeping workers safe and healthy, given that sure safeguards and needs square measure met.

Working from Home

For many organizations, the Coronavirus crisis is that the 1st time they’re going to permit giant teams of workers to figure from home. additionally, to impacting IT resources, it additionally needs organizations to think about a revived approach to their information use and information protection practices. Even for organizations wherever workers square measure won’t to performing from home, it’s well to review and, wherever relevant, revise policies and procedures to confirm that non-public information can stay secure in the least times. This review ought to additionally embody AN assessment of the structure, physical and technical risks concerned in performing from home and accessing systems and information remotely and also the security measures that will be well, like exploitation secure local area network networks and company-authorized VPNs. although there might not be another to perform from home, conducting a privacy or information protection impact assessment of the performing from the home process might facilitate establish the risks to the rights and freedoms of your workers, customers and business partners. It additionally permits you to spot mitigation steps that your staff reception will implement, just like the implementation of sure technical and structural measures.


  • Developing questionnaires for workers and guests to their facility relating to their travel history, health standing and potential exposure to COVID-19;
  • Whether corporations square measure allowable or needed to share data with state and federal public health authorities and particularisation what specific data may be shared;
  • Employee communications on COVID-19 exposure at a company’s workplace or facilities;
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