WebOrion™ – Trusted brand since 2012 for Cybersecurity, Mobile Applications, Website Development and other IT Services.

At WebOrion™, We follow Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process to design, develop and test softwares and our aim is to produce high-quality software that meets or exceeds our customer expectations.

The following figure is a graphical representation of the various stages of a typical SDLC.



Our IT service delivery is a part of service management. We focus on accurate service delivery based on the projects in hands.

We take utmost care in executing IT Services using tools & processes specified in our Service Catalogue to achieve expected level of SLA and KPI. We, at WebOrion ensure service-relevant resources, processes and systems are assigned for service delivery during a specific period in time. We believe that constant engagement of service provider and service consumer create great environment of good service delivery.

Following are some of characteristics of Weborion service delivery process:

  • We are in constant search for giving customer value fast experience.
  • We Simplify the process to have better IT experience for customers.
  • Our team is capable of taking smarter decisions to get optimum results.
  • We are in constant hunt for automization of the system processes to have minimum human errors
  • We help customer to have reduce costs, lower risks, Improve their business agility and boost their IT innovations.


We, at WebOrion flexible enough for pricing models as per customer requirement. Following are some of the pricing model we follow.

  • Hourly rate based pricing.
  • Project based fixed pricing.

Following are our strategies to Win and retain customers:

  • We delight customer with stellar service experience. We craft compelling solutions for customers.
  • We deliver value, not just service.
  • We support customers on wide range of tools over and above project boundaries.
  • We offer more and better buying choices.
  • We personalized service offering as per customer need.
  • Our team is proactive with customer success process. We bring new prospective and ideas for every customer.
  • We lead the entire operation on thought front.
  • Our experts have confidence in their ability achieve results.
  • We listen, constant listen to our customer voice to understand their needs.

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